Equity Economics Lab is a people-powered research and advocacy organization dedicated to building a more just and equitable economy. Amid a vibrant movement to advance the Green New Deal, Equity Economics Lab operates at the intersection of research, advocacy, media, and organizing to build consensus toward the foundation of a new People's Economy.

With a Lab team experienced in legislative campaigns, community organizing, media, and academia, what sets Equity Economics Lab apart from the rest of the think tanks is our expertise in organizing campaigns from start to finish while further building capacity within the movement for economic justice. As a new organization, we are currently developing a number of programs ranging from media, news, policy and issue research, to coalition organizing, and more.

We are a corporate free, 100% grassroots organization, which means our research is completely crowd-funded and accountable to the everyday people and community organizations supporting through small donations and subscriptions.


Our team at the Lab is comprised of researchers, policy experts, and community organizers dedicated to advancing a clear vision for a modern economy that works for working class people.

Workplace Democracy

  • Just Cause Termination to end discrimination in the workplace

  • Workers Right To Purchase to empower workers and protect local jobs and small business

  • Corporate Codetermination to ensure worker representation in industrial leadership

Public Finance

  • Public Banking to build a safer, more sustainable alternative to Wall Street megabanks

  • Bond Democratization to make public investment accessible to all and redistribute public resources back to the people.

  • Progressive Corporate Tax to ensure that corporate giants pay their fair share while providing relief to small business

Generational Sustainability

  • Reinvest in social housing to ensure housing as a human right

  • Just Transition to 100% renewable energy

  • Ending poverty in America