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People-centric solutions toward an economy for all.
Analyze. Organize. Democratize.


Amid a vibrant movement to advance the Green New Deal, Equity Economics Lab operates at the intersection of research, advocacy, media, and organizing to build consensus toward the foundation of a new People's Economy. We're a 100% people-powered think tank dedicated to conducting research and crafting bold solutions to build a more just and equitable economy.


Our team at the Lab is comprised of researchers, policy experts, and community organizers dedicated to advancing a clear vision for a modern economy that works for working class people. 


  • Public Banking

  • Just Cause termination in the workplace

  • Antimonopoly Tax

  • Workers Right to Purchase

  • Just Transition to 100% Renewable Energy

  • ​Reversing Income Inequality

  • Democratizing Corporations

  • Housing Decommodification

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